About Me


The Start

Denise Salcedo, 25, is a Digital Host, Entertainment Reporter, Producer and writer. She was born and raised in Bell Gardens, California and throughout grade school, she wrote short stories and songs. During her high school days she focused on theatre and dance but it wasn’t until her sophomore year of college that she found her true passion, television.


Denise graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism. During her college days she participated in her school’s television programming for Time Warner Cable, she was an on-field reporter and anchor for The Report and OC News. She covered world news, sports and entertainment.

After graduating, she became an intern for PBS SoCal and Crown City News where she was able to report on local news. However, while working in News she realized that what she really wanted to do was work in Entertainment.

Life As En Entertainment Reporter

Denise began getting experience as a red carpet reporter but it wasn’t until she began working with Mingle Media TV that she really began to excel as a red carpet interviewer.  She then began to get noticed by other outlets including MiCasa Network, a Spanish channel for English speakers with 45 markets across the U.S and Africa. Denise worked as a host and producer for MiCasa, she covered movie premieres, conducted in-studio interviews, and compiled a variety of segments for an array of show specializing in Entertainment and Combat Sports.


Denise has been hosting for over three years and already has many notable accomplishments under her belt-working and gaining experience both in front and behind the camera with multiple media outlets like What’s Trending, J-14, M-Magazine, and more. She has interviewed some of Hollywood’s biggest stars including Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore , Brittany Snow, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Garner, Eva Longoria and more.


The Live-Streamer and Youtuber

And as technology has evolved, so has Denise. She hosts a daily live-stream show on the Live.ly app and is known for comedic work on Musical.ly. She has garnered over 100,000 fans on the app, that now support and follow her on Youtube.  Denise generates her own content and covers everything from vlogs to Pop Culture.

The Blogger 

Not only does Denise have an eye for the video realm, she also has a great passion for the world of travel. Denise began “Travel With Denise,” an adventure blog that focuses on solo female travel. Denise has traveled to France, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Costa Rica all on her own. Her blog has garnered attention from young aspiring travelers from all over the world. Her favorite part of travel blogging is answering her reader’s questions.

The Wrestling Girl 

Since Denise was a young child, she was always fascinated and attracted to the world of Pro Wrestling. She’d been a long-time fan but never thought she could blend it into a career. Denise began by writing a few articles on wrestling, then vlogging about the events she attended when she realized she had found a niche. She was a knowledgeable female fan, so why not do something about it? Denise began working on wrestling podcasts through Afterbuzz TV and shortly after got signed as a backstage reporter for Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. She now interviews some of the biggest stars in Pro Wresting including: Stone Cold Steve Austin, Alberto Del Rio, Kenny Omega, and many more. Denise also has her own wrestling site aimed at female wrestling fans called The Wrestling Girl.


Before You Go, You Should Know…

Denise currently lives in Los Angeles as a Freelance Reporter, Host and Producer. Denise is an energetic, bubbly, hard-working journalist who loves chasing her dreams of one day becoming a host in one of the top networks. Some of her hobbies include traveling , listening to Taylor Swift, hiking, watching Pro Wrestling, reading and of course watching movies and television.


Stay Connected!

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/_denisesalcedo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_denisesalcedo?lang=en

Youtube: www.youtube.com/denisesalcedo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/denisesalcedohost

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7418466

Travel With Denise: https://travelwithdenise.net

The Wrestling Girl: https://thewrestlinggirl.com



Feel free to contact Denise as salcedo_denise@yahoo.com.


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