YouTube Channel (Instinct Culture)

Denise Salcedo is a YOUTUBE SUPERSTAR! Denise currently has over 14,000+ YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS and HAS GARNERED over 1.6 MILLION VIEWS!

Instinct Culture by Denise Salcedo has been the main focus for Denise since March of 2018, she has published over 350+ videos ranging in different types of content. She posts everything from Entertainment news, TV/Film recaps, and interviews! Again, her YouTube channel is a hybrid of POP CULTURE and PRO WRESTLING!

Denise is constantly pushing her limits, and creating all types of content. Her viewers enjoy her energetic, entertaining and informative content!

Denise’s interviews have been seen across multiple media outlets, including Bleacher Report, Comic Book, Fightful, Wrestling Inc, Mandatory and more! One of her interviews was even shown during WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW.

Denise writes, shoots and edits all of her own content!


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